Scuba Diving Trip in Mergui Archipelago

“3 Nights 4 Days Scuba Diving Trip in Mergui Archipelago“


Day.1, Tuesday, 10th October, 2017,Yangon-Kawthaung, UB-315 11:00_13:40
After breakfast, at 08:45, we took 1-hr-car drive to the Yangon domestic airport terminal where we met our clients, an Israeli family of 8 to take together a flight of Yangon-Kawthaung via 2 sectors of Dawei & Myeik UB-315, 11:00_ 13:40. We safely arrived at Kawthaung at the scheduled flight time and our contact there met us at the airport and transferred us in 2 cars, right away to the jetty where our private boat called “Seaworld 1” originally designed for 20 people, for the 2 nights 3 days scuba diving in the territorial sea of Burma in the Andaman Sea, was waiting for us, a group of 10. On the way, we had to report to the tourism police there on our scuba diving trip, showing them the necessary-officially-approved documents from the respective ministries applied in advance by our Kawthaung contact and immigration clearance was also done at the immigration office by the jetty, then after taking a commemorative photo with the tourist police in front of the “Seaworld 1″ before getting on board it. When we’re on board, for our 2 nights on it, we were shown to our respective private cabins, where we left our luggage before briefing on the procedures of the safety & scuba diving, was given by the 2 scuba diving masters plus 1 assistant dive-master on the observation desk, then lunch was taken together by all of us and enjoyed the cruise for the rest of the day in the Andaman sea in the southernmost tip of Burma. Our Clients checked with the scuba diving masters whether or not they could dive on Day.1 but it could not be done because the dive site was not yet arrived until the next morning. In fact, normally there is only 1 scuba dive-master for such a trip but we were lucky as the leading dive-master who is an American citizen was going to resign soon and another Australian dive-master was going to take his place soon on his probation period with the scuba diving company and accordingly we’re fortunate to be with the 2 dive-masters for our virgin private scuba diving trip in the limpid turquoise sea of Mergui Archipelago. The Seaworld 1 has altogether 11 rooms, 7 on the main deck, 4 on the upper deck and out of them, there are only 3 VIP air-conditioned rooms with the attached bathrooms and there are 2 common toilets with shower on the main deck to be used by the whole boat, the kitchen is on the main deck and the dinning is on the upper deck. On board the boat, speaking about the boat crew, there were 1 Thai captain and his Thai wife, who was a professional chef, 2 Burmese all-round crew members, 2 dive-masters, 1 assistant Thai dive-master and 1 guide from MTT. At about 18:30, we enjoyed dinner before going to sleep in our respective cabins.





Day.2, Wednesday, 11th October 2017, Scuba Diving on the Andaman Sea
We woke up early in the morning and buffet breakfast was ready for all of us and after enjoying the meal, the divers were fully equipped, ready for exploring the underwater scenes after the dive-master’s briefing on the 1st explored dive site called———-.The divers were helped by the 2 Burmese crew in wearing dive suits, in jumping off the dive board and I watched them and took some pictures of them until they went down the surface of the beautiful coloured sea. The divers stayed under the sea for half an hour or so, before they came up above the sea surface with a signal of a colored buoyancy coming up first used as a pick-up point for them and the boat captain steered his cruise there to bring them up on board the ship. On this day, out of our 8 clients, only 5 of them did 4 dives in the following 4 different dive sites and 1 more night dive was done by 1-enthusiast scuba diver with the 1-dive-master and I noticed that the divers stayed under water more or less 45 minutes and it’s 20-m deep in maximum. 4 trip participants including myself, were severely suffering from the sea sick and they/we could not enjoy the trip well and they/we didn’t eat, drink well as they/we were afraid of vomiting, which in fact, happened to them most of the time. Anyway, lunch & dinner were had on board the ship and we slept well on our 2nd night.
(a) 1st dive site of Western Rocky at 07:00
Max Depth, 20metre ; Dive time is about 50 minutes along the long tunnel under the island, Things to see, Schooling Jacks, Moray Eels, Lobsters and More
(b) 2nd dive site of at 10:12,
(c) 3rd dive site of Fan Forest Pinnacle at 13:07
Max Depth, 30m; Dive time, about 50 minutes, Things to see, Seafans, Schooling Fish, Scorpion Fish,
(d) 4th dive site of Fan Forest Pinnacle
Max Depth, ; Dive time, about 25 minutes, Things to see, Seafans, Schooling Fish, Scorpion Fish,




Day.3, Thursday, 12th October 2017, Scuba Diving on the Andaman Sea
Today was our 3rd day which was also our last day on board the scuba diving boat and breakfast plus dinner were enjoyed on it. There were 3 dives at 3 more different dive sites for our scuba divers and they did them happily. Then the boat was cruised all the way back to Kawthaung where we arrived at 15:00 pm, we tipped & said good bye to the dive-masters, all the crew and we were transferred by car to Victoria Cliff hotel for the 3rd night in Mergui Archipelago. The hotel is nicely & beautifully located on the bank of Andaman Sea and our rooms stood superbly on the steep cliff overlooking the beautiful sea. All of us enjoyed the delicious farewell dinner at the hotel and our clients were happy staying at this hotel, they enjoyed spa, swimming at the hotel swimming pool, having a stroll in the broad spacious compound of the hotel. Tonight we’ve had a sound sleep after the cruise.
(a) 1st dive site, Secret Lagoon near Cock Comb Island at 06:00
25m max depth; 50-minutes dive time; slow current & sand shallow reef; things to see are Seahorses, Cobias
(b) 2nd dive site, Big Rock near Cock Comb Island at 08:47,
30/40m max depth; cir 40-minutes dive time; things to see here are Whip Corals, Stingray Eel & more
(c) 3rd dive site, Bird Nest Island at 10:45
max depth; dive time ;things to see here are Copia, Sea Shark?, Turtle




Day.4, Friday, 13th October 2017, Kawthaung-Yangon,UB-336 14:45_17:45
After buffet breakfast & check-out at the Victoria Cliff hotel overlooking the Andaman Sea, at about 09:00, we explored the city in an air-conditioned car. The places of interest we visited are (1) the central market of Kawthaung lively and busy with local people buying, selling, just browsing the various things of food, clothes, fruits, vegetables, electronics, mobile phones & accessories, etc., and the best place to rub shoulder with the everyday people in Kawthaung, (2) Pyidawaye Pagoda with a breathtaking view up there of Andaman Sea & with a partial city view, where we were lucky to coincide with the initiation & ear-piercing ceremony with the performance of dances accompanied by traditional orchestra, where 2 of us had our light lunch invited by the donor family, their relatives & friends (3) Victoria Point, which is the southernmost tip of Burma and its nearby high mound with the statute of King Burinnaug in standing position, wielding the blood-sucking fighting sword, looking towards the direction of Thailand, (4) the viewpoint on the hill-range to enjoy the nice view up there, of the Andaman sea plus part of the Kawthaung city, then we had our refreshments at a cafeteria on the range of the same hill before check-in at the airport to take a flight back to Yangon via Myeik & Dawei.